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Our Story

Hi! We're Beach Houses in Paradise, a luxury beach house rental and property management company.

We provide five-star service and are always available. All properties are managed by Al Roberts and a dedicated team, all of whom live in the local area. We’re always just a text or phone call away, 24x7x365.

For 20 years, we've delivered amazing vacation experiences to discerning and knowledgeable travelers. We specialize in ocean-to-river beach houses for family vacations, corporate and wellness retreats, and special events.

Our Community

Beach Houses in Paradise is a community steward. We help preserve our pristine area.

The waters in and around the beach houses we manage are among the most biologically rich and environmentally sensitive in the entire United States. We promote local conservation through educational articles on our website, social media posts, emails, and information on travel and vacation platforms.

Upon arrival, our guests notice and appreciate the exhaustive measures we take to preserve the areas surrounding the beach homes in a no-impact, leave-no-trace manner. ("Leave no trace": After you have enjoyed your stay, the beaches and waters surrounding the home should appear exactly as they appeared when you arrived—no footprints, no litter, no nothing —as if you never visited).

Eden Beach Retreat, one of the several homes we manage, financially supports the local community by donating 100% of proceeds to 501c3 local charities in the area that are dedicated to:

1.) Preserving our area's pristine and fragile environment;
2.) Supporting local community causes specializing in education and science.

The home also serves as a venue for local charitable events and environmental causes, and presents a rotating series of scientific and educational exhibits.

About Al Roberts, Property Manager

I'm a semi-retired Dad in his early 50s with a finance & IT background. I spent the most productive 25 years of my life confined indoors staring at a computer screen while living in beautiful Miami. (As I'm originally from cold & windy Chicago—palm trees, sand, dolphins & water this beautiful seemed so exotic to me—these beach houses were mythical, a dream almost, not real...)

Now I'm in semi-retirement, and keeping busy helping vacationers find and enjoy the amazing "Treasure Coast" area of Southeast Florida, and the incredible towns of Stuart, Jensen Beach and Ft. Pierce . . . Sharing the dream!

Beach Houses In Paradise

713 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

(800) 654-3406


Beach Houses In Paradise

713 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

(800) 654-3406

Legal notice: The number of bedrooms for our home listings may vary from data presented in conventional real-estate listings, and data on file with respect to each home's original construction. Extra sleep rooms may be based upon bonus rooms, lofts, wallbeds, sofabeds and/or other open or non-permanent fixtures. The number of bathrooms may also differ, based on the installation of outdoor showers, pet-washing facilities & similar amenities.