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With ocean-to-river beach-house rentals like Carpe Diem that run less than $100 per night per private bedroom, we're already the best vacation value around.

But why stop there?  There are TEN different ways to save money when you book your vacation at a BHIP property!  Here's how:

5% Florida-Resident "Staycation" Discount:  Florida residents who see a Staycation advertisement, or who otherwise use the Staycation promo code, receive 5% off the published standard rate.  (see Florida Staycation Discount for details)

5% Affiliation Discount: Save 5% if anyone in your group is a first responder, member of military, teacher, educator,  member of the health or medical profession, or a civil servant.

10% Senior Discount: Save 10% if anyone in your group is age 50+.

25% First 10 Bookings Discount: We occasionally offer a 25% discount to the first 10 parties that book a home that was recently added to BHIP.

Up to 50% Introductory-Offer Discount:  When a new property joins the BHIP family, we ordinarily list the home at up to half the standard rate during the first 90 days of the listing.

5% Combination-Booking Discount:  Large parties sometimes book multiple adjoining beach houses together into one combination reservation. When they do, they save 5%!  (see Combo Booking Discount for details)

15% "Repeat Offender" Discount:   Save 15% off the published standard rate when you book another stay at the same beach house you've previously stayed.

5% "Try something different" Discount:  During a recent stay at one of our beach houses, did you happen to notice -- and lust after -- that other beach house next door?  Book it for next time, and save 5% off the published standard rate!

BONUS DISCOUNTS:  (The following discounts -- available only to repeat vacationers -- are added to any other discounts for which you qualify, boosting your savings even further)

5% Early Re-Booking BONUS Discount:  Save an extra 5% -- in addition to any other discounts for which you qualify (such as Repeat Offender, Try Something New,  etc) -- when you book your next stay within 30 days following your previous stay.

5% "Share the Memories" BONUS Discount: Save an extra 5% -- in addition to your "Repeat Offender" or "Try Something New" discounts -- when you contribute reviews and/or send us pictures, videos or stories about your group enjoying a fun activity at a BHIP property.  (Along with the 5% early-rebooking bonus discount, these are the only discounts we offer that are added to other discounts. For example, if you stay at Carpe Diem, and share pictures with us via email or on social media, or perhaps post a review, when you re-book Carpe Diem for another stay, you save 20% -- the 15% repeat-offender discount plus the 5% share-the-memories discount).  But that's not all -- to knock the price even lower, rebook within 30 days after your checkout date, and save another 5%.  (That's a total discount of 25% of the standard rate!)  Related:  See our Vacation Fun Gallery.


1.) Under the Share-the-Memories program, if requested, we will anonymize any pictures/videos/story content you share with us. (i.e., remove any information from the content that can be used to identify you, and refrain from any tagging or other behavior. This is done in a manner that renders the content you provide us completely anonymous).

2.) Overlapping discounts / multiple discounts: The largest available discount is applied. For example, if a Florida resident claims the 5% Staycation discount, but is already enjoying the 50%-off half-price Introductory pricing discount, the full discount is 50%. (The only exceptions are the 5% Share-the-Memories discount and 5% early re-booking discount, which are always added onto other discounts. For example, if a prior BHIP guest has booked a different, newly-added BHIP property under the 50% introductory discount, and he has shared pictures/videos/stories/reviews with us under the Share-the-Memories program, that guest will enjoy a 55% discount. [50% intro discount + 5% share-the-memories discount]. Further, if he books that second trip within 30 days of checking out, he enjoys another 5% off under the early re-booking discount, bringing his total discount to 60% off the standard rate [50% intro discount + 5% share-the-memories discount + 5% early rebooking discount])

3.) Repeat-visitor discounts ("Repeat Offender" and "Try Something New") are applicable to all your future BHIP stays into perpetuity, in the following manner: When booking a future return visit of longer than one week, the first week will be priced at the discounted rate. For example, if you are a previous visitor to Carpe Diem and plan to return next year and spend the month of February at the home, and Carpe Diem's posted monthly rental rate is $16,000, your 15% discount will apply to the first of the four $4,000 weeks, saving you $600 off the $16,000 monthly rental rate. If you book for only a single week in February, you will pay $3,400 instead of $4,000 (15% discount).

Beach Houses In Paradise

713 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

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Beach Houses In Paradise

713 SE MacArthur Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996

(800) 654-3406

Legal notice: The number of bedrooms for our home listings may vary from data presented in conventional real-estate listings, and data on file with respect to each home's original construction. Extra sleep rooms may be based upon bonus rooms, lofts, wallbeds, sofabeds and/or other open or non-permanent fixtures. The number of bathrooms may also differ, based on the installation of outdoor showers, pet-washing facilities & similar amenities.