Friday, May 22 2020

Our Beach Houses in Paradise are located on a barrier island on Florida's remote Treasure Coast named "South Hutchinson Island". Located far away from big cities and "hot spots", our remote barrier-island location experienced substantially lower incidence of coronavirus than other areas of the country, and even Florida itself.

During the crisis, all vacation-rental operations in Florida were restricted from accepting short-term stays for vacation purposes.  From March 2020 through May 2020, our properties were drafted into service for the response effort, and made available only to the following three types of groups:

  1. Free and budget-priced housing for COVID-19 medical responders. Learn More
  2. Medical/Executive Remote Home Office & Family Self-Isolation (commercial-grade fiber internet, 31-day minimum stay requirement).
  3. Short-term stays for travelers engaged in COVID-19 response efforts and/or non-vacation "essential services" commercial activities

5-Star Luxury Meets 5-Star Cleanliness

  • We follow hospital-grade standards and meticulously clean, disinfect, and protect your space.
  • A six-person, professional service, spends 36 person-hours cleaning, prior to your arrival.
  • We use heavy-duty disinfecting solutions (including bleach, Clorox, and Lysol) that kill pathogens.
  • We clean and disinfect every horizontal and vertical surface.
  • A 42-point inspection further ensures the safety and health of your family or group.

During the pandemic's peak, some hospital and ER nurses in our area of South Florida fell seriously ill from COVID-19 exposure in the workplace. (One was so stricken that he was briefly on a ventilator/life support before finally recovering). These brave heroes and front-line responders became afraid to go home after their shifts ended, for fear of exposing loved ones to the virus. Some even chose to sleep at the hospital or in their vehicles in the parking lot.