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Do you know your travel dates?  If so, it's quick and easy to get a detailed quote for a vacation at a Beach House in Paradise:

Choose a beach house below, and click the link to visit our HomeAway.com page featuring the property, including availability calendar. (Book your dates early, as the calendar always fills up fast).

As Good as it Gets :  The iconic & historic Ocean-to-River Florida Beach House, with private dock plus 200 yards of private swimmable ocean beach.  Ridiculous views.   Five-star accommodation.  Sleeps 10-12.   ("As Good as it Gets" is the next-door neighbor to Heaven Can't Wait).  Click here for details.

Family Tides : The perfect oceanfront/riverfront beach-house getaway for larger groups.  Are you are a multi-generational or dispersed family ready to re-connect again under one (large) roof?  Or perhaps it's time to bring old friends or workmates together again?  "Family Tides" is the best choice for you:  Three separate floors, each with its own bedrooms + living area, with the entire house coming together on the middle level, thanks to an enormous double-oven kitchen and huge dining/living/entertainment/oceanfront area.  Sleeps 16. Click here for details.

Heaven Can't Wait : Outer banks architecture meets all-new interior, in a dog-friendly vacation rental on a great dog beach. (Dogs vote it "Best Getaway EVER'!)  Sleeps 12+, with additional kennel & dogbed facilities for up to 4 to 6 furry friends, depending on size & breed.  "All dogs go to Heaven", indeed!  (Heaven Can't Wait is the next-door neighbor to "As Good as it Gets", and on the other side of HCW is next-door neighbor Carpe Diem). Click here  for details.

Carpe Diem :  Carpe Diem is latin for "Seize the Day".  Carpe Diem is the most exclusive and upgraded ocean-to-river beach house in the BHIP family, featuring 4 en-suite bedroom/bathroom combinations and sleeping 16.    It is not listed on vacation-rental services like HomeAway, because it does not normally accept routine bookings, and is not generally available to the public.  Carpe Diem is available through special arrangement, typically in conjunction with very-large-party bookings of multiple beach houses together. (Carpe Diem is the next-door neighbor to Heaven Can't Wait).

LARGE PARTIES:   Do you have a party of more than a dozen travelers?  Many of our beach houses are neighbors to one another, so consider booking two together, side-by-side!  (We offer a 10% discount when booking 2 or more beach houses together).  To book multiple beach houses, check to make sure each is available for your travel dates.  Then, book each beach house independently, and we will deduct 10% from your total multi-property booking price .