Semi-Private Bedrooms, Explained

Tuesday, March 8 2016

Each of our Ocean-to-River Beach Houses is just like any normal house:  A kitchen, a living room, several bedrooms, several bathrooms, and so on.  However, because our beach houses are often the venue for large groups such as family reunions, bachelor weekends, girls getaways, and corporate functions, we have the tools to support larger groups comfortably.

For example, each house contains one or more options for "semi-private bedrooms". These are bedrooms that can be created at night out of thin air, using a combination of room dividers, sleeper sofas, extra pillows & linens, and everything one needs to sleep comfortably at night.  Semi-private bedrooms even feature their own flat-screen TV with DirecTV and DVD player!

Here is an example of a semi-private bedroom in use at "As Good as it Gets" (this beach home already sleeps 8 comfortably in the existing 3 permanent bedrooms.  Extra semi-private bedrooms like the example shown below -- a fourth bedroom, in effect -- help boost the sleep count to 10 and beyond.)