This Beach House Welcomes Pets!

Wednesday, April 12 2017

Pets are welcome at all Beach Houses in Paradise, located in South Florida. We aren't just dog-friendly. We welcome pets!

You'll find many pet-friendly amenities, including pet gates, outdoor "PetSpa" dogwash station (great for rinsing off sandy paws, etc.), bowls, beds, grassy/sandy dogwalk areas and more.

The Dog Days of Summer, viewed from the backyard steps of HCW (click to enlarge)
Nearby Pet Excursions (click to enlarge)
Pet Adventure Map

Our beach houses are designed with pets in mind from the ground up: For example, there is no permanent carpet in the home, only sealed natural hardwood with washable space rugs and mats . . . all furniture features slip covers that we wash after every stay . . . every sleeping surface -- including dog beds, sofa sleepers, bunk beds -- is protected by rewashable waterproof mattress covers  . . . we are dog owners ourselves, and we've covered every base there is to cover.

Fenced Dog Walk

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a pet fee?
There is a $95 non-refundable pet fee for guests bringing their pets. It covers the extra work necessary to revert the property to the dander-free condition that is required by the occasional guest who claim allergies and requests a 100% dander-free indoor experience.
What beach houses are pet-friendly?
All of our beach houses and beaches are pet-friendly. The owners ask that you use the pet gates we provide to manage access to areas of the home with carpeting or delicate furnishings. There are also PetSpa washdowns stations designed for pets. These are great for rinsing off sandy paws, etc. Also, the road fronting the home can be a little busy, so your pet's favorite leashes are highly recommended. For more, check out photos of pets on the Dog-Friendly beach.