Up to 40 people in one beach house?

Tuesday, March 22 2016

Got a group larger than a dozen or so? Not a problem. Directly-adjacent neighboring beach houses are available, and can be grouped together as a block, with total potential accommodation exceeding 40.

Side-by-side beach houses (click to enlarge)
Side-by-side beach houses (click to enlarge)

Squeezing more than a dozen or so people into any one beach house can make for a "crowded" experience, and exceed the capabilities of the home.   Overcrowding can also ruin what should be an enjoyable vacation/getaway for everyone.  (Bathroom wait lines, anyone?)

To help with travel budgets, we even offer vacation discounts when booking two or more beach houses at the same time.

Note:  Our owners may occasionally make an exception on the maximum-occupancy limitation, particularly if a significant proportion of the guests are children. (Inasmuch as children better tolerate shared sleeping arrangements, such as "bunk beds bedrooms" and so forth)