Tour a Beach House Prior to Booking

Monday, April 4 2016

Drive-By Tours:    We are not located in a gated community, so you are welcome to do a "drive-by tour" at any time.

Walk-By Tours:  We are not located in a gated community, so you are welcome to do a "walk-by" tour at any time.   However, be advised that inasmuch as there are no sidewalks on the skinny island road, it is safer to walk by the home on the beachside than on the roadside.

Virtual Tours: Walk through an immersive, 360 degree, 3D virtual home tour of the interior floorplan of each one of our Florida beach house rentals, using MatterPort. To see the 3D tour of any home, follow the "Virtual Tour" link on that home's page.

Video Tours: Enjoy full motion, high-definition and interior views of each one of our beach houses on the Treasure coast. Go inside with our YouTube video tours.

Streetview Tours: If you live too far away to drive, consider using the "Street View" feature of Google Maps.  (Tip:  There's even a street-view perspective from the beach .).   Caveat:  Most google street-view scenes of the beach houses were captured more than a year before the Spring 2016 restoration project where the homes were restored, repainted and refurbished. You can see where all our homes are on the map by visiting the Map View of Beach Houses in Paradise.

Interior Tours: (by Appointment Only, for visitors who plan to rent for at least a two-week period):  We welcome and encourage interior tours!   However, because our beach houses are usually sold out, we cannot disturb vacationers who currently occupy the beach house.  But there's hope!  We ordinarily have a few one-day or two-day "maintenance windows" each month where the house is unoccupied while we perform repairs or upgrades.  Please check with us for availability.